7 ways to wear Boho Bandeau Headbands

Sharing some ideas on how to wear Boho Bandeau Headbands

Headbands are not new in fashion, they were always there and we all must have been using them for styling our hair. They are undoubtedly the most inexpensive and important tool for hair styling. It is because they are very comfortable wearing. Not just this, the flexibility of the Boho Bandeau headbands makes it very easy to use them and to create any hairstyle out of it.

One can add colors and uniqueness by adding these headbands to their normal and boring hairstyles. One such headband that is getting all the attention now a day is the Boho Bandeau. These headbands have become every girl’s favorite now, one who likes creating unique hairstyles as well as the one who wants the shortcut and do not want to create any hairstyle. One can look for various online stores for buying it. This is a multi-purpose headband and can be used for creating a lot of hairstyles. The pack of this headband contains a guidebook that tells us 12 different ways of using it. The best part about this band is that it could be used for different purpose, other than creating hairstyles. Here we are giving 7 ways in which these headbands can be styled.

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Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Simple yet classy:

The first way in which one can wear these Boho Bandeau bands is a simple way. Wear them as we wear any of the normal headbands. This is the one hairstyle which does not need much effort and yet gives you the best look. By this method, one can create two looks. The first look can be created by wearing the headband and leaving the rest of the hair as it is. The second look can be created by wearing the band from the forehead till the end of your head’s back portion. This will give the hair a completely unique look. Both the looks are perfect for every day, for college or office going girls.

The classy ponytail:

The second way in which these headbands can be worn is a bit similar to the first one. The look that we are focusing here is the normal gym or workout look. You need all your hair to be secured properly while you are doing any kind of workout. Therefore, one can wear the Boho Bandeau headband first and then can tie a ponytail in the back with the rest of the hair. This not only gives you the perfect gym look but also makes you look cuter. This with a more defined ponytail can be used while normal day outing.

The most elegant bun:

The third and most experimental as well as unique hairstyle that could be created with these headbands is a bun. The hairstyle is definitely experimental but is very easy to create. We all know to create messy buns. For this look, all we look is just a little twist. Secure all your hair and give it the form of a bun. Then use the Boho Bandeau headband instead of the rubber band in creating the bun. This will not just add a little hint of color to your hairstyle, but will also make it look different from any other normal bun. The bow flaunting in from the bun will give it a very unique style. This hairstyle is so much in trend now a day. This is perfect for any day or night out, for parties and casual meetings also.

Not a hairstyle this time:

Next way to wear these Boho Bandeau headbands has nothing to do anything with the hair. When you are bored with the usual dressing, you can wrap this little band around your neck as a scarf. This looks super amazing; a unique and chic look is created. The bow in this scarf should be in the center and it should look like this is created by you only. Add more boho jewelry with it to get that perfect finish look and you are good to go.

Just adjust the bow:

Another way in which you can rock your look by just wearing this headband is by wearing it from the front top. It will look as if half of your hair is tied. Keep the bow in the center to make it perfect. This will give you a very unique look with no efforts. You will definitely get compliments for this self-hairstyling of yours.

Braids in all the hair:

We all think that if one wants to create a good and classy hairstyle, she will have to go to some nice hair salon or need to call a hairstylist home. The look which we are talking about here will break this myth of yours if you think in the same manner. This Boho Bandeau band will help you in creating this look just in few minutes and that too in no time. Divide your hair into various sections. Now, turn these sections in braids and then wear the headband from the front. This was all you needed. The sections of hair can be created according to your own wish. After finishing this look, you won’t resist praising yourself for such superb creativity. This hairstyle can go with any dress and is perfect for almost every occasion.

Simple braiding turns classy:

Of all the hairstyles, the oldest would be simply braiding your hair. This hairstyle never goes out fashion, but here we are suggesting something that will add charm to this boring hairstyle. The first thing that you need to do is obviously make a braid with your hair. Braid it fully, until the end and leave less hair in the end. Now, wear the Boho Bandeau band from the front. Just wearing this band will turn the tables and you will get rid of that normal, usual and boring hairstyle with not much of the efforts. This hairstyle could be adapted from any girl for any and every occasion.

For the tomboyish look:

This hairstyle is for those who have long hair but do not have much time to create beautiful hairstyles out of it. This again is an idea that will create a bun, little different, but very easy and quick to make. The easiness in the process of creating this hairstyle could be assumed by this that you do not even need to comb your hair before creating this look. You can literally get this one just after getting up in the morning. One just needs to put all the hair together and create a bun just using your hand. Now, secure it with some bobby pins. The number of pins could be selected by the person who is creating the look. It depends on the thickness of the hair and the bun. Once you are done making that messy bun, wear your Boho Bandeau headband and your look is complete. You can place the bow in the direction you want it to be. This requires no time and effort, yet looks very pretty.

So, these were a few of the hairstyles that could be created from this Boho Bandeau beautiful band. All the hairstyles discussed above are very easy to make and looks so good. Not only this, these hairstyles are perfect for almost every life occasion. This is the magic of this Boho Bandeau headband that makes these hairstyles so easy and lovely.




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