7 Best Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket with Style

7 Best Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket with Style

Who doesn’t want a captivating denim jacket style? Fashion experts prefer layers for a perfect fashion style. However, it could be overwhelming to decide on what to wear over what? How to get yourself ready for the move into spring fashion. Denim jackets are your fashion savior as it offers excellent style and comfort. Not only it is comfortable, but these jackets also give a super cool and casual look.

For this reason, most of the women feature a denim jacket. You can pair it up with anything from the maxi dress, full skirts, to a tee and jeans combo. It is extremely simple to style them up to suit any of your outfits.

Denim jacket – the all-time style element

The denim jacket is a sort of sturdy cotton fabric. Though indigo or blue color are the common colors, it also comes in other colors like white, gray and black. In simple terms, this denim is one thing that never goes out of fashion.

There are a lot of outfits that you can make around with a denim jacket. We help you to get a style shot with these layering pieces. Read on to know about best and stylish outfit ideas.

Here are some different ways to style your denim jacket for an amazing look:

Unique color denim jacket

Denim jackets don’t have to be indigo or blue. Try white, red, pink, or an autumnal green shade. Instead of traditional blue or indigo, fashion experts suggest opting for a light or white shade as they go well with off-white or light gray that gives you a stylish and unique look to show off.

festival outfit denim jacket
Grab all the attention in the crowd.












Layered look with a black dress and Denim Jacket

Black is a universal color that goes well for all outfits and all seasons. You can layer your black dress with a Denim Jacket and witness the trick. Not only this outfit gives a stylish look but it also gives a casual outfit look. If you are planning to wear it for casual meetings, dinner, or a weekend outfit to the office, try to give more effects by swapping a trendy scarf.

Pair a Denim jacket with a layered skirt & blouse or a long dress.











Denim Jackets with Crop Top

Crop top and Denim jackets are an ultimate combo for every occasion. These jackets, don’t only give you an extra element of style but also make you feel comfortable. Few combinations give an stunning appearance. For instance, you can try a gray or off-white crop top with denim jackets which can be paired with a maxi skirt or a jean. It will emphasize your look and In fact, a sleeveless denim jacket helps you channel your stylish look with your favorite attire. Now, it’s time for getting fashionable and being casual, at the same time.

Denim shirt crop top

Pair the Denim Jacket over a crop top for a perfect fashion statement.

Stylish turtle-necked top

Layered outfits are ideal for the winter season that keeps you comfortable while making you look stylish. Turtle necked or a high neck top is a must-have outfit to win over the winter. When these tops are teamed up with a stunning denim jacket along with a skirt or a skinny jean is the perfect way to get a classy and formal look. To get a formal look with any dress, try pairing it with a traditional denim jacket along with boots. It’s the ideal way to make anything more relaxed.

Pair your denim with jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a fashion element in all time. You can look fashionable with your trendy jumpsuits when paired up with traditional denim jackets. Few additional elements like chain bags, sunglasses, matching accessories, sneakers or high heels are a great way to give a stunning look. This outfit is an ideal choice for simple weekend outings and casual meetings with friends.

Pair it up with simple Tee

So now if you are looking for a very casual and comfortable yet stylish appearance, then pair your white tee-shirt and jean along with a basic denim jacket. For a more attractive look pick some denim with trendy patches. Because these patches not only balance the minimal outfit and flashy design but also creates fascinating fashion waves. This style statement could be ideal for catching up with your friends for a cup of coffee or a simple date. You can also choose fitted trousers or a flowing skirt. This outfit is easy to wear and will not consume too much time. Thus, during your lazy days, you can avail this outfit look.

multi colored denim jacket
A denim jacket makes a simple tee look attractive.











Denim jacket with maxi dress for a jazzing look

Love your maxi dress? Why don’t you give it a twist with a denim jacket? Every girl has a deep love for their favorite maxi dress for its style and comfort. But do you know that denim jackets could be a perfect combination to enhance your personality and style? Pair a favorite maxi piece with a denim jacket to jazz it.


How To Be A True Bohemian

How To Be A True Bohemian

The bohemian style looks appealing to many and why not- it’s all about being a rebel, counterculture, free spirit and in essence- being a hippie. This bandana and lose clothes wearing, barefoot people have been idolized for decades from the fringes for their appreciation for self-expression and art over the mainstream society’s obsession with social status and such. So how can one be a true boho? Here are some tips to join the ranks of the vagabonds and hobos.

Wear The Bohemian fashion

Even though the effects of consumerism have affected the original line of bohemian clothes but wearing the boho chic style will help in retaining the original thought and spirit of the revolt. But the effects of consumerism have also resulted in the clothes being promoted on those glossy magazine covers featuring so-called boho women wearing a hotchpotch of patterns with their hair blowing in the wind, telling you to follow specific fashion rules like wearing two different styles of socks to be a boho. But these are shallow fashion trends because, in the end, bohemian fashion is a means of self-expression while being a non-conformist. The roots of boho shine in how you show your attitude towards others on a micro level. Don’t fall into fashion trends which are now a marketable commodity, instead follow the trends which connects to the core value of living an unconventional and free life.

True Bohemians Drink Whatever they Want

From way back to the 19th century, political radical poets and artists have been operating outside mainstream culture, drinking absinthe like beer. Notable personalities include James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, Aleister Crowley, Ernest Hemingway and more. Absinthe consumption was not tolerated and frowned upon by the conservationists. A popular myth is that drinking absinthe promotes hallucinatory images, but drinking absinthe doesn’t turn anyone into a bumbling hallucinating entity- that’s just fear mongering from the others. Basically, if you don’t want to drink it, then that’s fine as well, bohemians are original and so you can drink whatever you want. Bohos are without labels as such.

The Drugs Phenomena

Drugs are a controversial part of the bohemian lifestyle and all those deliriums, flashbacks, blurred vision which result in Epiphanies and such are considered a rite of passage. But remember, we are not telling her to do anything illegal, there is no need to break the law. One has to understand that whether drugs are sanctioned by the state or not, it can be dangerous for your freedom and health as you could end up unconscious or in jail. It can erode your work ethic and such too. Bottom line is, doing drugs has nothing to do with living a true bohemian lifestyle and let no one else tell you otherwise. What psychedelic drugs do is that they chip away the excess ego, which constricts humanity currently. It allows people to be kinder and helps in putting things in a more rational perspective without the constraints of societal norms. Psychedelic drugs and such should be put into the hands of the doctors for better research. Remember that people at the top don’t want you to do drugs because they are afraid you will fall off a third story building, they are afraid you will learn to question everything. That’s why people are afraid of Bohemians and relegate them to the fringes- anything outside of the rules and ‘ordinary’ is condemned by society.

Make art not War

History has shown that art has always been a vessel to express one’s ideas, thoughts and such which were not always acceptable in society. Many have used the medium of art through writing, poetry, painting and even through graffiti to criticize the constraints placed upon the society and at large- the world. It also allows one to get out of mindless TV consumption, reading magazines and such which just fuel a society mandated zombie-like lifestyle. So pursuing transcendent activities like sculpting, writing poetry, painting, drawing, sketching, making music and such also counts as a major part of a bohemian lifestyle as it revives your mind and imagination which results in thinking outside the corporate media box. So dream and let loose.

Be in Touch With Nature

Bohemians have always been, throughout history, a pack of socialists, sexual radicals, feminists and other forms of path breakers in terms of having a unique ideology and free thought. Bohemians were able to defy the status quo because they were aware of the possibility of doing so. They were in touch with their archaic nature and stepped back into the natural realm to connect with nature. It’s all about getting back in touch with our roots and relearning the ancient unwritten philosophy of the ancient world.

Be Childlike

Being childlike doesn’t mean childish. A boho defines herself/himself as an outsider because they are subversive to all the social norms put into place. He or she is considered an elitist and immature by ‘others’. Without thinking like a child, who is untouched by all of society’s rules and constructs, you will be unable to find enlightenment. Learn to live free and be curious about things. Learn to question them and find answers- talk with others with similar ideologies, trying to get where they are coming from as well. Exchange of untold and radical new ideas can only be done in a space of mind which is free from the tangles of a society shaped by corporate media.

Learn to Question Authority

The key to being a bohemian is to understand the fact you are a puppet playing in a sandbox where you have no control over the rules set. You have been told to do things all your life simply because that’s how it has been done for ages. But just because it’s been done for ages, doesn’t mean it is right for this age and moreover, it doesn’t mean that it was ever right at all. So it’s important to challenge your belief systems and be introspective. Learn to ask yourself why you support a certain belief, doesn’t matter if it is societal, political, religious, etc. Is it because these are just habits or do you really believe them? Why do you believe in them even? Learn to question those in power and be a free thinker.

So who is a true bohemian?

There are bound to question no matter the length of the to-do list given above, simply because Bohemian isn’t a lifestyle which can be physically represented in a fixed form. Many think that it is just a label put on clothes, furniture, and other commodities, but it’s all about what way you live your life. Bohemians live life as they want and they value change, creativity, and freedom. They don’t care whether others call them freeloaders, bums, hippies, idiots, madmen or such; they live life with abandon. But most importantly, they work to make the world a better place and they try to be compassionate, patient and take into account everyone’s views too because it’s necessary to be free of the ego of any form and not hold oneself in high regard for your views.

How to up your bohemian style?

How to up your bohemian style?

Ever since social media splashed into our lives, nothing is personal. Ideas are constantly being created, acknowledged and adopted by the rest of the people we know as ‘followers. Similarly, when the ‘bohemian style’ came into being as a hashtag trend, everyone just flipped and couldn’t get more of it. Soon, women began to grow a liking towards this style statement or character play where they dress up in a certain manner. Well, the good part is, Bohemian styling sure gives a varied look to the one who carries it.

About Bohemian style:

Bohemian plainly relates to a person who has an unconventional social attitude, with an affinity towards art, which includes music and literature. While most of the world relates Bohemian to a hippy or freak, in actual terms it relates to being free-spirited. From the very meaning of this term, Bohemian styling is born. This form of styling is all about looking eccentric and giving the same free-spirited vibe to everyone around. It is a mix of both clothing and the vibes you give.

The Bohemian styling briefly portrays both men and women wearing ruffle floral skirts to baggy printed pants. It is all about getting the perfect gypsy look, with a sexy and beautiful outlook.  Although it’s just the recent times we are getting to see so many women adopting the bohemian style, originally it all began in the early 19th century.

Since the love for Bohemian style is by far the most and trending at the moment, we know there are people who still are looking for ways to perfect their look. While most of them are rocking the style statement, we are here to help those who wish to create their own styling of mixing and matching.

Listed below are some quirky and creative ways to update your Bohemian style:

  • The Oversized Magic:

Looking Bohemian is all about looking and feeling free. While most of us wear oversized clothing at home, try finding trendy oversized shirts or maxi dresses to get that free feeling look of Boho. Flowing dresses, skirts, tunics etc look really nice and give that Boho-chic vibe.

Layer your clothing, you can wear shirts on top of your oversized dress and sport it with boots to go with.

Please note: Always try to keep the layering of your dresses on the upper portion of your body, for you would like to have a free-flowing, lightweight lower portion.

  • The Hand Me Downs:

Like we have mentioned, Bohemian is about the gypsy look. Hence, if you are looking for the proper look why not go all authentic. Instead of purchasing brand new clothes ask your elders for their worn clothes or you could also purchase second-hand clothing that focuses mainly on vintage wear. If you are lucky you will find clothes that date back a decade and have that vintage look that you are looking for.

You can redesign them, add and minus things and give yourself a touch of originality. For, if you are a true boho soul, then you know the art of redesigning all too well. But if you prefer to purchase some vintage jewelry, head here for some vintage boho jewelry to up your bohemian style

  • Natures fabrics:

Cheesecloth, hemp,and cotton are the go-to options when it comes to getting the authentic boho look. You would be surprised to know how well a cotton white shirt layered with a vest or no vest, along with a floral-patterned flowing skirt would go with plain black boots and a scarf tied or wrapped nicely as a headband would look.

Taking risks with what you have made a lot about looking Bohemian. You need to mix and match the right thing even when it is risky. Best part, it doesn’t involve skin showing unless you wish to. See, it is that simple!

  • Shrug it:

Be it long, short, netted, holed, flowy, flared etc, shrugs are one of the most important clothing one needs to perfect the boho chic look. It sure brings out the superhuman in people, with a cape to go with. Shrugs do help you excel in your bohemian style.

  • The Hairdo:

Did we mention that one can even style their hair into a Bohemian styled hair? Well, yes! So, if you are one of those who creates magic with hair, you have so much more to do. Believe it or not, it is easy to perfect a neatly styled hairdo. When it comes to Bohemian hairstyles, that is where it gets hard. For, it is tough to perfect a messy look when compared to the neat ones.

Use a diffuser attachment and flip your hair upside down when drying after a wash. Let it dry in a mess and set on its own. Scrunch your hair with your fingers and let waves form naturally. This helps in getting a messier bun, pony, braids and various another hairdo without using direct heat.

Check out some of the best Boho Hair Accessories that will help you get that bohemian style you are looking for.

Have a look at an article where we have explained how to wear the boho bandeau headbands

  • Looking natural:

Don’t go all gothic with black all make up. Also, avoid the gorgeous makeup with tons of face shimmers. Looking Bohemian is a craft and requires minimal makeup with perfect blending.

Moisturizer is a must. Add some kohl and nude lip shades before heading out. Does the trick, simple and free. Apply bronzer to get a slightly darker shade and stick to neutral eyes at most.

  • Accessorize your soul:

Well, not literally, but if you failed to notice, the Bohemian look is heavily depended on the accessories you wear. German silver jewelry is what instantly ups your style statement and gives you a perfect gypsy look. You could opt for rose gold or white gold (color) accessories too. You can check out Boho Accessories section for some really beautiful and unique boho accessories.

Layer your rings and necklace pieces, avoid any beaded or shimmery jewelry. Look for rusted or oxidized earring, belts, bands, rings, anything that would look good with your attire and style it.

  • Nail it:

If you love nail paints and a regular at it, go metallic else go nude. For, you either let your nails shine with minimal makeup and accessories. Or else, you let your accessories and makeup do the talk while your nails are calm.

Do not mix them, it would be a mess.

  • Walk the talk:

Shoes are very important! While styling our looks to other forms we have plenty of choices to make that leads to confusion. Whereas, looking Bohemian has three basic footwear one must have. They are a pair of flipflops, an ankle length black, leather boots, and tie-ups. Tie-ups look gorgeous with skirts mainly, while flip-flops are universal to wear the boots look good with skirts and pants.

Opt for pointed boots with a subtle two-inch heel to give it a feminine touch and encourage your height and posture. Either way, you will be nailing the look.

  • Put a hat on it

While most of us pay less attention to it, a hat made with natural straws and fibers complete a Bohemian look effortlessly. While it helps protect your head and face from the dust and sun, it adds an oomph factor to your entire look.

A hat looks great with long, flowy maxi dresses and skirts. Check out our section of Boho Hats for some good ideas.

  • Beach Bags for the final look

Well, Bohemians have a special connection with nature and beaches are obviously one of them. Beach bags are one of the most favorite accessories to be carried to the to the beach after tapestries. A perfect beach bag definitely speaks volumes of your bohemian style. We have taken the pain and listed out some very unique and best collections of boho beach bags for you.

Well, we hope it helps you look at the best version of your Bohemian soul with the tips we provided. End of the day, it is all about wearing what you feel and believe in. if being a free-spirited woman is what ticks your happiness, then go for it. embrace your life and the beauty that comes with it. vibe with your inner self and let your styling vibe out the same.

7 ways to wear Boho Bandeau Headbands

7 ways to wear Boho Bandeau Headbands

Sharing some ideas on how to wear Boho Bandeau Headbands

Headbands are not new in fashion, they were always there and we all must have been using them for styling our hair. They are undoubtedly the most inexpensive and important tool for hair styling. It is because they are very comfortable wearing. Not just this, the flexibility of the Boho Bandeau headbands makes it very easy to use them and to create any hairstyle out of it.

One can add colors and uniqueness by adding these headbands to their normal and boring hairstyles. One such headband that is getting all the attention now a day is the Boho Bandeau. These headbands have become every girl’s favorite now, one who likes creating unique hairstyles as well as the one who wants the shortcut and do not want to create any hairstyle. One can look for various online stores for buying it. This is a multi-purpose headband and can be used for creating a lot of hairstyles. The pack of this headband contains a guidebook that tells us 12 different ways of using it. The best part about this band is that it could be used for different purpose, other than creating hairstyles. Here we are giving 7 ways in which these headbands can be styled.

Checkout some of our classy Boho Bandeau Collections below:

boho bandeau

boho bandeau

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Boho Headbands - Boho Hair Accessories

Simple yet classy:

The first way in which one can wear these Boho Bandeau bands is a simple way. Wear them as we wear any of the normal headbands. This is the one hairstyle which does not need much effort and yet gives you the best look. By this method, one can create two looks. The first look can be created by wearing the headband and leaving the rest of the hair as it is. The second look can be created by wearing the band from the forehead till the end of your head’s back portion. This will give the hair a completely unique look. Both the looks are perfect for every day, for college or office going girls.

The classy ponytail:

The second way in which these headbands can be worn is a bit similar to the first one. The look that we are focusing here is the normal gym or workout look. You need all your hair to be secured properly while you are doing any kind of workout. Therefore, one can wear the Boho Bandeau headband first and then can tie a ponytail in the back with the rest of the hair. This not only gives you the perfect gym look but also makes you look cuter. This with a more defined ponytail can be used while normal day outing.

The most elegant bun:

The third and most experimental as well as unique hairstyle that could be created with these headbands is a bun. The hairstyle is definitely experimental but is very easy to create. We all know to create messy buns. For this look, all we look is just a little twist. Secure all your hair and give it the form of a bun. Then use the Boho Bandeau headband instead of the rubber band in creating the bun. This will not just add a little hint of color to your hairstyle, but will also make it look different from any other normal bun. The bow flaunting in from the bun will give it a very unique style. This hairstyle is so much in trend now a day. This is perfect for any day or night out, for parties and casual meetings also.

Not a hairstyle this time:

Next way to wear these Boho Bandeau headbands has nothing to do anything with the hair. When you are bored with the usual dressing, you can wrap this little band around your neck as a scarf. This looks super amazing; a unique and chic look is created. The bow in this scarf should be in the center and it should look like this is created by you only. Add more boho jewelry with it to get that perfect finish look and you are good to go.

Just adjust the bow:

Another way in which you can rock your look by just wearing this headband is by wearing it from the front top. It will look as if half of your hair is tied. Keep the bow in the center to make it perfect. This will give you a very unique look with no efforts. You will definitely get compliments for this self-hairstyling of yours.

Braids in all the hair:

We all think that if one wants to create a good and classy hairstyle, she will have to go to some nice hair salon or need to call a hairstylist home. The look which we are talking about here will break this myth of yours if you think in the same manner. This Boho Bandeau band will help you in creating this look just in few minutes and that too in no time. Divide your hair into various sections. Now, turn these sections in braids and then wear the headband from the front. This was all you needed. The sections of hair can be created according to your own wish. After finishing this look, you won’t resist praising yourself for such superb creativity. This hairstyle can go with any dress and is perfect for almost every occasion.

Simple braiding turns classy:

Of all the hairstyles, the oldest would be simply braiding your hair. This hairstyle never goes out fashion, but here we are suggesting something that will add charm to this boring hairstyle. The first thing that you need to do is obviously make a braid with your hair. Braid it fully, until the end and leave less hair in the end. Now, wear the Boho Bandeau band from the front. Just wearing this band will turn the tables and you will get rid of that normal, usual and boring hairstyle with not much of the efforts. This hairstyle could be adapted from any girl for any and every occasion.

For the tomboyish look:

This hairstyle is for those who have long hair but do not have much time to create beautiful hairstyles out of it. This again is an idea that will create a bun, little different, but very easy and quick to make. The easiness in the process of creating this hairstyle could be assumed by this that you do not even need to comb your hair before creating this look. You can literally get this one just after getting up in the morning. One just needs to put all the hair together and create a bun just using your hand. Now, secure it with some bobby pins. The number of pins could be selected by the person who is creating the look. It depends on the thickness of the hair and the bun. Once you are done making that messy bun, wear your Boho Bandeau headband and your look is complete. You can place the bow in the direction you want it to be. This requires no time and effort, yet looks very pretty.

So, these were a few of the hairstyles that could be created from this Boho Bandeau beautiful band. All the hairstyles discussed above are very easy to make and looks so good. Not only this, these hairstyles are perfect for almost every life occasion. This is the magic of this Boho Bandeau headband that makes these hairstyles so easy and lovely.