How To Be A True Bohemian

The bohemian style looks appealing to many and why not- it’s all about being a rebel, counterculture, free spirit and in essence- being a hippie. This bandana and lose clothes wearing, barefoot people have been idolized for decades from the fringes for their appreciation for self-expression and art over the mainstream society’s obsession with social status and such. So how can one be a true boho? Here are some tips to join the ranks of the vagabonds and hobos.

Wear The Bohemian fashion

Even though the effects of consumerism have affected the original line of bohemian clothes but wearing the boho chic style will help in retaining the original thought and spirit of the revolt. But the effects of consumerism have also resulted in the clothes being promoted on those glossy magazine covers featuring so-called boho women wearing a hotchpotch of patterns with their hair blowing in the wind, telling you to follow specific fashion rules like wearing two different styles of socks to be a boho. But these are shallow fashion trends because, in the end, bohemian fashion is a means of self-expression while being a non-conformist. The roots of boho shine in how you show your attitude towards others on a micro level. Don’t fall into fashion trends which are now a marketable commodity, instead follow the trends which connects to the core value of living an unconventional and free life.

True Bohemians Drink Whatever they Want

From way back to the 19th century, political radical poets and artists have been operating outside mainstream culture, drinking absinthe like beer. Notable personalities include James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, Aleister Crowley, Ernest Hemingway and more. Absinthe consumption was not tolerated and frowned upon by the conservationists. A popular myth is that drinking absinthe promotes hallucinatory images, but drinking absinthe doesn’t turn anyone into a bumbling hallucinating entity- that’s just fear mongering from the others. Basically, if you don’t want to drink it, then that’s fine as well, bohemians are original and so you can drink whatever you want. Bohos are without labels as such.

The Drugs Phenomena

Drugs are a controversial part of the bohemian lifestyle and all those deliriums, flashbacks, blurred vision which result in Epiphanies and such are considered a rite of passage. But remember, we are not telling her to do anything illegal, there is no need to break the law. One has to understand that whether drugs are sanctioned by the state or not, it can be dangerous for your freedom and health as you could end up unconscious or in jail. It can erode your work ethic and such too. Bottom line is, doing drugs has nothing to do with living a true bohemian lifestyle and let no one else tell you otherwise. What psychedelic drugs do is that they chip away the excess ego, which constricts humanity currently. It allows people to be kinder and helps in putting things in a more rational perspective without the constraints of societal norms. Psychedelic drugs and such should be put into the hands of the doctors for better research. Remember that people at the top don’t want you to do drugs because they are afraid you will fall off a third story building, they are afraid you will learn to question everything. That’s why people are afraid of Bohemians and relegate them to the fringes- anything outside of the rules and ‘ordinary’ is condemned by society.

Make art not War

History has shown that art has always been a vessel to express one’s ideas, thoughts and such which were not always acceptable in society. Many have used the medium of art through writing, poetry, painting and even through graffiti to criticize the constraints placed upon the society and at large- the world. It also allows one to get out of mindless TV consumption, reading magazines and such which just fuel a society mandated zombie-like lifestyle. So pursuing transcendent activities like sculpting, writing poetry, painting, drawing, sketching, making music and such also counts as a major part of a bohemian lifestyle as it revives your mind and imagination which results in thinking outside the corporate media box. So dream and let loose.

Be in Touch With Nature

Bohemians have always been, throughout history, a pack of socialists, sexual radicals, feminists and other forms of path breakers in terms of having a unique ideology and free thought. Bohemians were able to defy the status quo because they were aware of the possibility of doing so. They were in touch with their archaic nature and stepped back into the natural realm to connect with nature. It’s all about getting back in touch with our roots and relearning the ancient unwritten philosophy of the ancient world.

Be Childlike

Being childlike doesn’t mean childish. A boho defines herself/himself as an outsider because they are subversive to all the social norms put into place. He or she is considered an elitist and immature by ‘others’. Without thinking like a child, who is untouched by all of society’s rules and constructs, you will be unable to find enlightenment. Learn to live free and be curious about things. Learn to question them and find answers- talk with others with similar ideologies, trying to get where they are coming from as well. Exchange of untold and radical new ideas can only be done in a space of mind which is free from the tangles of a society shaped by corporate media.

Learn to Question Authority

The key to being a bohemian is to understand the fact you are a puppet playing in a sandbox where you have no control over the rules set. You have been told to do things all your life simply because that’s how it has been done for ages. But just because it’s been done for ages, doesn’t mean it is right for this age and moreover, it doesn’t mean that it was ever right at all. So it’s important to challenge your belief systems and be introspective. Learn to ask yourself why you support a certain belief, doesn’t matter if it is societal, political, religious, etc. Is it because these are just habits or do you really believe them? Why do you believe in them even? Learn to question those in power and be a free thinker.

So who is a true bohemian?

There are bound to question no matter the length of the to-do list given above, simply because Bohemian isn’t a lifestyle which can be physically represented in a fixed form. Many think that it is just a label put on clothes, furniture, and other commodities, but it’s all about what way you live your life. Bohemians live life as they want and they value change, creativity, and freedom. They don’t care whether others call them freeloaders, bums, hippies, idiots, madmen or such; they live life with abandon. But most importantly, they work to make the world a better place and they try to be compassionate, patient and take into account everyone’s views too because it’s necessary to be free of the ego of any form and not hold oneself in high regard for your views.


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